Xelath Thalodan, "The Windtalker", "The Doombringer", is the embodiment of the seventh dragon of The Watchers of Eternity, Xelinarth the Dreamwalker. He is the father of the Astral Dragons. During his time in Rhea he doesnt remember who he is or why he exists, being protected by Andrenach. Becomes a Rakane Sentinel, piloting a combatuid named Lodos. He falls in love with Ellore, whom does not respond. He slowly falls in depression and agony, giving himself to more fear of losing and hatred which eventually trigered the events to the Second Rebellium.

He tried a peaceful life in Third Sun up until when Ellore got lost suddenly. He asked Andrenach to shift him to Ardera, to follow his intuition. He ended up gathering all the Eldar(Elves), Andragos(Humans) alongside the Dracanos(Aidari) for the incoming doom. With the help of his daughters, Xelath eventually realizes that this entire universe is a dream he has trapped himself into, for the search of happiness. He ended up facing the greatest of his fears, which was Ellore herself who later on became a universal colossus and her offspring of fear began destroying his dream. He lost all his battles against her, only to be awakened when he realized his most precious was not her, but his daughters. The four Astral Dragons killed each other to grant him the biggest of pain which led to a traumatic awakening in his own universe, only to see that all it was just a dream, and a nightmare.

"Jerisa stood, looking into the purple glowy eyes of her twin sister. Doing nothing, she took a deep breath, only to stand few seconds more to see Nerijah getting her her back dark and her eyes hazel, and then darkness came. Jerisa passed without a kill this time. Nerijah took all the life granted in the entire universe, only to bypass which she was not able to leech. She never dies, it was said. You can't die, but your soul can still be separated if you allow to, said Nessajah. Her golden hair and greenish glowy eyes sparkled, as she raised her hand and Nerijah fell. She turned her smiling face towards Kaira, who, by great silence and patience, rose The Maelstrom, took the blue gem which held her soul, and shooted it towards Nessajah. Their souls as twins were finally reunited in a single pull of a string. As Nessajah's soul was taken into toe Maelstrom, so was the world. So was the dream."