Visaus is an Assault Type combatuid with a default ability of flight. When it is finally "hatched", it is revealed that it is a complete clone of Lodos. Lord Rasson pressures for it to be commisioned into service as fast as possible by letting its pilot, Ellore Garudian, to merge with the mech. During the only performance test against Elsa's Dracos, it proves to be superior in terms of all specs, which left The Dome administration in fear for if it will be required to be destroyed as Ellore has not a stable psychological state at the time. Visaus is quickly decommisioned and locked down within The Nest, only to be remotely activated during the Skyfire Invasion by Xelath Thalodan to protect Ellore. Visaus, controlled by Xelath, breaks through the Nest and pierces The Dome and heads to Neresz-Teran. The combatuid fiercely protects Ellore in the rain of fire onto the city, sustaining heavy damage but eventually falling due to immense decomposition in its structure. It is self detonated by The Dome right on top of Ellore in the very last second, only to reveal Ellore has magical abilities such as a Protective Shield. Visaus has a white visor.


Pilot: Ellore Garudian

Number: F3

Type: Asault

Color: Purplish blue

Glow: White