Verdalens is a continent in the world of Rhea. It is a crescent shaped continent that is located in a northwestern-southeastern direction and is the main colony of human species. It is mostly made of wide plains though as it goes north it becomes more and more mountainous, with the exception of the mysterious, hidden land of Kyr-Amal right in the heart of the continent. While it is a huge continent, it is dwarfed by the foggy and colossal coneinent Indunam to the east. To the northwest, the far continent Engartha lies.

Verdalens consists of many human countries:

Neresz-Teran is a hidden and isolated peninsula for several millennia.

Argath is a trading city-state neighbouring Neresz-Teran, living on sea trade.

Medestra is a coastal country led by a parliament of traders and businessmen to the south of Verdalens, on the east side of Great South Land.

Mahastra is on the western bank of the Great South Land, a land of people who do not invest on anything but farming. It is a poor country with mystic beliefs and no military power. Making it one of the farest countries to the Old Kingdom, it is almost completely ignored.

Kyr-A'mal is a mysterious and isolated, colossal sized crater in the center of the Great South Land, Right inbetween Mahastra and Medestra.

Khyras is the center state of the once majestic Old Empire. It stands on the northernmost bank of the continent.

Grolla lies to the west of Khyras and to the north of the A'malen Crater. It has a rich soil and a very egomaniac, sarcastic selfish minded culture. Led by 2 elite families who are in a constant clash over power.

To the west of Grolla lies Haidonos, known as Wingforest, a mountaionous forest range of highly spiritual and fighter people who follow a King.

To the northwest of Haidonos lies The Tundra Plains. It is a land of military minded aggressive and alcoholic people who live on harsh climate. Tundra Plains is the land of gems and gold despite its inability for proper farming.

To the far north of the Tundra Plains remains the Northlands. A complete harsh cold and constant permanent winter leaves the people of this land living on meat and roots, thus making them the best hunters in the world.

To the south of Khyras is Venerah, another trading nation led by a Merchant Count. It is the center of all the filth, black marketing and pristitution in the entire continent.

To the east of Venerah stands the Duchy of Harpus. It is an elegant green land with a perfect climate and pastorage, with its only difficulty being way too far to all of the rest of the kingdoms, like Mahastra.