The Rift is a colossal enigmatic wall that goes skyward to the east of Neresz-Teran. For millions of yearsi due to the inability of flight and no wind, humankind was left clueless about what it stands for and what lies beyond. As soon as the winds return and flight becomes accessible, The Dome decides to break out and fly over the wall to make a reconnaissance. As it later stands on, The Grey Mountains are beyond to the southeast and thats where the Black Dragon Baran-Dur, "The World Breaker" is improsoned.

As the Black Dragon sets free and events occur in a chain, it is seen that The Rift in fact is not a protective wall around the grey mountains, but a line of protection around the human continent Verdalens from the outer world. As the wall keeps breached, the human kingdoms begin to be invaded by strange creatures who come from beyond the rift and get ruined to ash.

The Rift in fact was built by Nauri Colossi millions of years ago after the First Rebellium to protect the humankind and what they are destined to do with Naglis.

During Operation Jerisa, upon seeing The Rift, Nisandra Tuvalen quickly aknowledges the colossal wall as she has seen it before, to the north of The Northlands: At the border of Engartha.