Sinderaan are an ancient and elegant race of water breathing humanoids. They have very long fin like ears and long straight hair. Their body and hair colors vary, and are able to change for in and out of water states. In water their hair is all white and their eyes glow, as well as their skin sparkles in blue hues. Out of water their ears are hidden in their hair, their eyes turn turquoise blue and their hair and skin color adapts the sun, becoming dark hair and pale skin. They can breathe in water.

Before the First Rebellium, the Sinderaan were gifted with the knowledge of the future and were granted the Zeuglodons for the days to come. Their ancestral homeland was Sundaland, which after the First Rebellium was lost beneath the newly terraforming landmass of Verdalens. The surviving Sinderaan moved away and recreated an entirely new society at Talasind. During the next millennias, the society changed and many of their traits and customs were lost, as well as the knowledge granted by Nerijah.

Sinderaan can disguise as humans although their elegancy and beauty in form is quickly recognizable, causing humans to think they are humans from a land way afar.

Shalisah, a regular fish trader, together with Ferronas Iristant, discovered the truth and the reason of existence of her race. She finds the bow of Sandera, the macigal lyra to awaken the Myriad. With the awakening Myriad, the Sinderaan race prepares for the upcoming apocalypse with the help of Ferronas, and eventually discovers the last remaining Zeuglodon chrysalises right after summoning Ulinaard in his full power into Rhea.