Operation Jerisa is the first operation organized by The Dome in order to discover what is hidden and protected beyond The Rift. Combatuids with flying capabilities have been assigned to fly over The Rift and make a Reconnaisance alongside a carriage combatuid: Lodos, Aventador, Gatling, Dimholt, Clovis, Antonov and Joland. On the other hand Dragunov, Tupolev and Jorus remained on the border of The Rift for an emergency case. While the Vanguard strongly stood against using almost all combatuids at once, Operation Assembly executed the direct order from The Dome. This event led to future undertaking between two inner factions. As soon as Baran-Dur breaks free and in the aftermath Clovis and Lodos gets destroyed, the Black Dragon proceeds to the Auxiliary Guarding combatuids alongside the turned trio. As the Black Dragon brings down The Rift to open a hole in the wall, Nisandra, Andienna and Natasja prepare to engage in combat with the flying capable Cavin, Stojan and Anric. Right before the actual clash Tupolev and Jorus are lifted by Aventador and Gatling, leaving Dragunov aground. As Nisandra retreats she gets cornered by Dimholt and Antonov but stands and fights back stoicly, at the very end to transform and gain flight. She pushes both turned combatuids back and afar and joins the retreating fellows. It is later revealed that when she reached the insight, she became one with her combatuid while her actual body sleeps unconsciously within the sphere. This was the first ever witness of Combatuid Evolution for The Dome. After this event, Dragunov is taken into special care and was not used except very urgent or delicate situations, leaving Nisandra with a rising questioning and aggressive psychology towards the Vanguard and what their true intentions are.

To date, Operation Jerisa is considered the most disastrous event in the last 10 millions of years for the humankind of Rhea as it triggered the beginning of the Second Rebellium. Xelath Thalodan, as his combatuid Lodos gets destroyed as well, goes missing and leaves the entire Vanguard in an alarmed state.