Operation Assembly is the elite formation of Rakane Sentinels within the Vanguard. Operation Assembly is responsible with the executive of outer directed operations as well as the defense of Neresz-Teran. It has the sole command over the combatuid controls and has the rights to decide and arrange tasks between the sentinels. It is commanded by Lord Rasson Sainz.


  • Nïsändra Tùvalen - An ex hunter from the very far North with immense archery skills and even much deadly melee combat fluidity. A calm character that always has an opinion. The only thing she lacks is constancy.
  • Andienna Stoić - A very cheery, enligtheningly smiling and beautiful character which has no obsession but has a very stoic stands towards determination.
  • Natasja Fijal - An orphan who never met her father and lost her mother during childhood. Has problems with socializing and is full of wishes to find out a purpose in life.
  • Siòbhan Risereî - A person with character and self confidence problems. Always changing her appearance, under seeking new identities to align herself with. The only descendant of a deceased elite family of Grolla.
  • Nolasea Gratis - A very calm, very rarely speaking and super intelligent character who hails from the western coastland of Mahastra.
  • Ashani Lali Nikon - A character full of hatred towards her encirclement. Always looks at herself incompetitive and trying to prove herself in all situations even if its deadly risky. Has family problems. Hails from the trade city of Venerah.
  • Shaila Tabo - A very stoic an almost flawless character with a strong stand. Perfect at combat, very smart in all situations. Has a strong sense of protecting her friends.
  • Dido Vesell - A character that lacks initiative but is always good willing and trying her best. Constantly smiling and trying to rise the morals of others up.
  • Stinna Lorenz - Daughter of an elite family. Has self confidence problems. Always sleepy and irresponsible.
  • Arai Skalarian - The funny man of the Corps. A repair freak. Always finding something to laugh at, even if it is himself that is in a laughable situation.
  • Marloes Noël Kroes - A girl that raises from the midnorth who knows exactly what she wants. A complete duty freak.
  • Anric Caladian - A man who knows his capabilities and doesn't bother pushing forward. A complete materialist and sarcastic.
  • Stojan Elerian - A man of total desire, passion and ambition. Lacks very good combat skills but his willingness and focus covers all his flaws, except being quickly tempered.
  • Cavin Damarion - A sinister elite who is always competitive with others and seeks to achieve more of anything he can. Funny as well as smart and insidious.
  • Xelath Thalodan - A man who raises from Kyr-A'mal with no memory and has a mystery past. Completely confused even though posesses a colossal talent towards combat and intelligence.
  • Noris Tarell - Another A'malen who was guided to The Dome by Linaes Adranell. Completely stoic, very rarely talking, super talented, almost the perfect sentinel in all forms.
  • Falco Röedell - A super skilled man who acts as a lone wolf and does not bother others. Always smiling and positive. Selfish.
  • Jonas Holler - A devout fighter who masters in close combat. Very obsessed with his own ideals.
  • Ellore Garudian - A mysterious girl with talents appearing out of nowhere and was hastily taken into the corps. Less speaking, more observative.
  • Elsa Sai - A girl capable of good combat abities. Always distrustful and dubious towards others. A duty person.
  • Lindail Romas - A cold blooded non-talkative, very smart and intelligent fighter from Khyras.