Nimrod is a support type combatuid in the Operation Assembly. It proved to be the most endurant amongst the combatuids. Nimrod was used in 5 operations and was taken to inactivity after the Black Hole event due to psychological state of its pilot. It was saved from being imploded in the Black Hole in the very last second by the reckless effort of Natasja Fijal using Jorus, sacrificing herself in the process. After Siòbhan recovered, took Nimrod and escaped The Dome to her homeland. She eventualy discovered the production of the Eidolons and was asked to surrender herself to Baran-Dur in order to have Nimrod upgraded into an Eidolon and fight by his side. Siòbhan ran away with Nimrod to meet with the rest of her Rakane Sentinels who were to start the Great Assault on Khyras. During the attack, Nimrod took a defensive stance alongside Galand and Rhodin to protect Lexion, Durand and Reventon. The trio got swarmed by the Ardonin, Antonov and Joland. Due to the flying disadvantage, Nimrod tried to keep the fight against Antonov on the ground. It fought stoicly but ultimately ran out of power and was easily demolished by Antonov. Siòbhan tried to detonate the combatuid in the process but her Pod was crushed by Antonov, which, took out the orb afterwards. Nimrod's orb was used in Shadow Eagle.


Pilot: Siòbhan Risereî

Number: 04

Type: Support

Color: Pistachio

Glow: Yellow