Nerijah Garudian is one of the four Astral Dragons, the wielder of life, and one of the Seven Prophets of Rhea. She is born to Xelath Thalodan and Ellore Garudian in the Third Sun epoch as the younger twin of Jerisa Garudian.

Nerijah is very calm and patient and always acceptive, as she believes everything is already a fate written and cannot be challenged, nor should be. She is full of live and energy, a very positive and smiling person whose only and greatest fear is buried within her heart, losing her twin sister Jerisa in some way. She has sworn to protect her sister who is a ruthless seeker, challenger and warrior.

Characteristically Nerijah has taken all the good traits from her mother and father. She wields a wooden staff she calls Dora, which she uses as a tool to grant lifegiving and protective spells and abilities. She has white hair and greyish purple eyes. She is said to be immortal in the ancient quote "Jerisa kills, Nerijah doesn't die.".

She has an avatar she named Linaeris.