Nïsändra Tùvalen is a Rakane Sentinel hailing from the Northlands. She is a very skillful hunter mastering both archery and melee combat with any weapon, making her one of the top fighters of the Vanguard. She pilots a combatuid named Dragunov.

Back in Northlands, Nisandra was a hunter in the cold harsh climate of the rocky and snowy Northlands. Not much is known about her past, except she suffered a major psychological blow from losing her brother. Apparently she was trapped and wounded, being unable to save her brother from a Grizzly attack and witnessed him being killed and eaten by very moment. She feels very guilty for that within herself and everytime remembers it, slaps herself not remain unmoving. Since then she always believed that there is always something to be done in any situation no matter how desperate it is. This makes her a very stoic and strong character with an iron will with leading abilities.

It is later revealed that Nisandra was one of the few Sentinels who was not memo-erased by Celleris as it was her very own decision to join the Vanguard on the offer. Though she did not know that many of her friends do not remember "true memories" of their lives, she keps her memories to herself rather than telling anybody. On the first day of training she befriended Andienna Stoić, who comes from the Tundra Plains. Nisandra and Andienna become a pair in combatuid operations, and were the only couple except Xelath and Noris to be paired as an Assault Duo.

Despite her majestic skill and intelligence, Nisandra never got into any events as she was living mostly within deep herself. During the Operation Jerisa she was assigned with guarding the Riftsdeep alongside the other active combatuids. Her eventual end came when the Colossal Abomination landed on Neresz-Teran and pierced The Dome which was defensless. Nisandra, who locked herself inside Dragunov from the previous day, miraculously triggered Dragunov by self will and injecting core energy to the entire facility. As soon as she engaged the Colosssal Abomination in close combat, Andienna joined with Tupolev. After a fierce and mortal battle with the colossal creature, it is revealed that it also posesses a gravity shield. As Tupolev locked the creature on the ground, Dragunov gained high fly and dived down to eventually pierce the gravity shield and cause a Black Hole detonation that imploded and sucked the two combatuids alongside the Abomination.

Dragunov and Tupolev appear in the Astral Gate activated by Nessajah and join the Last Battle. Nisandra and Andienna succeed in keeping the Korvonok at bay with the help of Kaira's Black Dragons. At the end of the story, she feels revealed for what she has accomplished in the name of protection and sees the end of the world, her life being sucked by Nerijah.


Nïsändra's main motivation is to help those who try something but always consider failure as a possible outcome. She has no option or space for a failure or backing down in even the direst situation. She has no sense of hate and always believes in achieving the impossible and the positive. Deep within herself and psychologically, she does this to make herself feel good and overcome the regret of losing her brother when she believes she could had done something to prevent it.