Lindail Romas is a Rakane Sentinel hailing from Khyras. Lindail joins the Vanguard in the last batch of recruitment and seems to be appearing out of nowhere alongside Sinde Sai. She very rarely talks and acts like a copycat of Nïsändra Tùvalen in terms of a character. But unless Nisandra, Lindail has never been liked by her comrades due to her secretive and conservative nature of her thoughts and ideas. She always keeps her opinion to herself. She has pearl blue eyes and fiery red hair, though unlike Andienna, she chooses to tie her hair into a ponytail as Shaila Tabo does. Lindail's combatuid is named Magnus and it is black with purple glow.

When Visaus gets destroyed during the Skyfall event, The remaining 3 combatuids from the last batch except the ones which were already activated(Dinand, Durand and Rhodin) were taken into reserval inactivity for no reason. Pissed from this, Lindail steals Magnus and heads towards Khyras. Her true intentions are yet unclear. In The Dome and the Vanguard, she is announced to be a traitor.