Lexion is a Combat Type combatuid. Right after its "hatching", Lexion was not able to be tested for its stat classification therefore remained in Combat status though nobody but The Dome administration knew the mech was completed. When Nolasea Gratis disappeared, therefore nobody realized a missing mech. As soon as the Great War broke out, Marloes Kroes was sent to protect Mahastra alone to her surprise, only to find Lexion and meet Nolasea Gratis in person ready waiting for her. Lexion and Rhodin defended Mahastra succesfully and then joined the great unity against The Apostles. Lexion becomes a Warden, and is eventually destroyed by Shadow Eagle while trying to protect Stinna and Stelja Lorenz breaking into Khyras. Its orb was taken out and was used to grant consciousness to Myst Raven. It has a standart magenta visor.


Pilot: Nolasea Gratis

Class: Combat

Number: 05

Color: Light Blue

Glow: Magenta