Jorus is a Combat Type combatuid. It holds the best stats in the Combat Class. Jorus joins 6 operations, with the Black Hole being the last. During the ranged operation to destroy the black hole, Jorus is stationed on top of the mountains surrounding the anomaly alongside Nimrod, Dinand and Galand to use shoulder mounted Gravity Mortars. When Nimrod is gripped by the force of enroaching Gravital pull, Natasja ejects the Mortar and rushed Jorus to grip out Nimrod from the mouth of the Hole, saving Siobhan Riserei. Jorus, with the power of an empowered willsword of Natasja, creates an anti-gravital field due to Natasja's determination and neutralizes the force when Natasja loses consciousness and gains sanctity, eventually releasing its Butterfly Wings. During the finishing move, Gatling releases a carpet of gravity grenades to weaken the black hole, giving Jorus an upper hand. As soon as Jorus breaks the "Glass", the gravity bomb launched by Reventon in midair enters the broken glass alongside Jorus, exploding in the antaverse and possibly destroying the combatuid.


Pilot: Natasja Fijal

Type: Combat

Number: 03

Color: Brown

Glow: Yellow