Jerisa Garudian, nicknamed "Death's Fury", "Whisper of Death", is an Astral Dragon, one of The Seven Prophets of the First Sun, the twin sister of Nerijah and the daughter of Xelath Thalodan and Ellore Garudian. Jerisa was born prior to Nerijah during the peaceful Third Sun. She has dragonlike honey colored eyes and dark straight hair. Jerisa has come to awaken her draconic abilities when she was still a child, accidentally installing draconic fear into her twin sister which led to Nerijah's hair to become white. She is a devout seeker like her father and observer like her mother, completely ambitious and obsessive about change and the power to obtain it. She is always mistrustful and sceptic. During her early teens she was mysteriously adobted into the Order of Blades by a rogue named Lutisa, who then attempted to kill her.

Jerisa has a natural talent towards Rakane mastery and can summon 2 short swords of her own. She names them Mystra and Mythra. She holds the left sword Mythra always backwards like an armblade, while Mystra is always straight held. This leads to her fighting style completely unique in the entire world of Rhea and completely unforeseeble during a combat. She never lost a single combat in her entire life until the end of the universe, which was to be called as "Jerisa kills."

When Nessajah's Gift was opened, Jerisa was transgated back to the Second Sun epoch and found herself in a combatuid egg, which just hatched. When all the Rakane Sentinels alarmed to kidnap her he eventually killed everything that tried to interfere her from an escape only to stop when she faced Xelath Thalodan, her father, in a younger state holding his sword against her. She then remains in Neresz-Teran to discover the nature of the events and eventually assemble with the rest of the Seven Prophets.

She realized the real intent of Linaës Adranell which nobody saw, escaped Neresz-Teran and eventually killed her at Kyr-A'mal.

She saw Aryssa Matheor as a threat to her father's interest towards Ellore Garudian and therefore tried to warn, and possibly kill Aryssa in her avatar form. Aryssa summoned Rehagras to protect herself but could not stop herself from mortally burning and almost killing Jerisa, which was saved by Nerijah in a very last second. Mortally wounded Jerisa never recovered again until she was transgated to the First Sun at Nestorage alongside other prophets. Nerijah tried to heal Jerisa but it did not work. Nessajah used magic to at least recover her consciousness. Her skin got so burned by the dvine fire of the Flame Dragon, it was unable to regenerate. She also lost her eyesight. Because of that she was granted a complete suit that acted as a fake skin and prevented any light from contacting her body.

Jerisa then realized the threat Nessajah posesses not only to Rhea but the entire universe, and in the name of changing it tries to interrupt her. Her inner rage has gone so far that she ultimately lost control of her consciousness and her subconsciousness emerged as the black dragon Baran-Dur, who was waiting since the Dawn of Rhea to be reborn.

When Baran-Dur was killed during the Second Sun, Jerisa's soul emerged as an Astral Dragon. She shifted from dimension to dimension to discover her lost sister Kaira, help her obtain her destiny, and lead her to the eventual end of Ardera.

Jerisa's avatar is a parliament blue colossus named Gentairos.