Galand is a support type combatuid specialized in repairing units and mid-range combat. It is one of the weakest combatuids in the arsenal but is the most agile of the support class. Galand has not entered many operations, but in the operations it was deployed it was always successfull. At the formation, it was paired with Anric Caladion's Joland. When Joland was compromised by Baran-Dur, Galand was stationed to be a reserve. During the Great War, Galand was sent to support Lexion and Rhodin at Mahastra. After that all combatuids assembled at Kavais where theybwere drifted into The Vortex.In the happening of the Second Rebellium, Galand was granted consciousness by its pilot Arai Skalarian. Galand has a blue cycloptic visor.

In the Third Sun epoch, Galand became the ancestor of all Wardens.


Pilot: Arai Skalarian

Type: Support

Number: 10

Color: Yellow

Glow: Blue