Ellore Garudian, A'malen name Imoën Aridril, is a girl under the custody of Lord Rasson. She in fact is raised by Brolf, who had found her in his arms after seeing her in a dream. She was brought to Neresz-Teran by the request of Linaës Adranell, who believed she might have a role in this great project to save the world with such exotic abilities like hers. She posesses highly effective magical skills as well as a Rakane mastery in combat and summoning. She becomes the main love interest of Xelath Thalodan. Due to her abilities she was quickly installed into the Combatuid program and had her own combatuid, Visaus, which was a twin to Xelath's Lodos.It is later revealed that she in fact is the key to the Second Rebellium and an incarnation of the sixth watcher dragon, Eljandra of the Magic.

During the Third Sun, she lives with Xelath Thalodan as the queen of the remaining mankind. She gives birth to 3 children: Jerisa, Nerijah and Kaira. Nessajah is also a daughter of Ellore, as her soul is granted by her while she was in the early stages in the womb.