Eljandra of the Magic, one of The Watchers is the sixth guardian dragon of Ardera. She is the incarnation of all the magic and illusion in the universe. It is revealed that she is Ellore Garudian to compromise Xelath Thalodan and end his "dream" of happiness in the world of "Rhea". Eljandra believes all beings are jailed within a dream and wants to break out. She seems to be having a total hatred towards Xelath and is insistent on hurting and damaging, emotionally destroying him. In fact, her hatred emerges when she was still Ellore during her pregnancy to Kaira Garudian. She was actually pregnant to two, like Jerisa and Nerijah, but the Dreamwalker took one of her babies and left her in the world of Kalaa, whom grew up to be Nessajah Garudian and start a war against entire Rhea.