Durand is a combat type combatuid. Durand is one of the late "hatched" combatuids due to the inavailability of Stinna Lorenz. Durand joined 5 operations in total and proved to be a fierce weapon. Through the end of the story, Dinand and Durand are stranded and encircled by the Korvonok. Because of an early combat situation where Dinand arrived for support, Durand's Focus came to a halt on a break and the combatuid paused for replenishment. Meanwhile the insectoids reappeared and swarmed on top of Dinand. Because Durand was immobile and off, it could not help Dinand fight and Stinna Lorenz witnessed the destruction of the mech and the death of Dido Vesell. Later on Durand is taken to Medestra, where Stinna seeked help from her family only to find out they have already allied with the old kingdom. Later on Durand is seen fighting alongside Spirit Thunder, the eidolon of Stinna's sister Stelja. Durand has 2 pairs of eyes, one pair blue and one pair pink.


Pilot: Stinna Lorenz

Number: 09

Class: Combat

Color: Red

Glow: Blue