Dracos is a combat type close range fighter combatuid. It is the last combatuid produced by The Dome alongside Visaus and the last one to enter service. After Visaus' destruction during The Firefall, Dracos was put into reserve until a further command. As soon as all active combatuids are sent to protect the land from Korvonok, Dracos and Aventador are the last ones remaining in Neresz-Teran. As soon as Aventador reports in with the fact that the actual Eidolon production facility is in Härpus, the backdoor of Neresz-Teran, Dracos is deployed with the destruction of it while all Eidolons are busy fighting the Rakane Sentinels at Khyras. Dracos eventually reaches Härpus and finds the facility, ruining it. Meanwhile Korvonok swarm arrives at Härpus and they all charge Dracos. Elsa valiantly protects herself from anything that comes in close range but as soon as she remembers the fact that Korvonok do not attack anything but the Combatuid, she deactivates it and bails off. The Korvonok violently rip Dracos apart as Elsa watches. It is then understood that the whole creatures of Rhea are actually for destroying the combatuids whom are to take part in the Second Rebellium. Dracos has 3 yellow circle eyes.


Pilot: Elsa Sinde-Sai

Number: 19

Type: Combat

Color: Military Brown

Glow: Yellow