Dimholt is an Assault Type combatuid specific on ground combat. It is not one of the fastest combatuids but it is one of the most fluid and agile. It is commisioned on 2 operations before being infiltrated by Baran-Dur and granted the ability of flight, corrupting its pilot Cavin Damarion. As soon as it is empowered, Dimholt challenges Lodos as Cavin was granted the sight of the future by Baran-Dur. Ardonin gets in an air combat with Lodos and is heavily damaged. After the awakening of the Black Dragon, Dimholt is sent out to the ancient kingdom's capital Khyraz and it's Conscious Orb is removed, only to grant a start of a new series of combatuid productions to be used by the Old Kingdom in the service of the Great Endurance. Dimholt becomes a symbolic statue of rebirth in Khyraz as a military power once again and as soon as the Last Crusade breaks out, it's orb is reinstalled by the mass will of the public of the city, in fact only to end the production of second generation combatuids, named Eidolons. Dimholt is destroyed by Spirit Thunder and Dream Serpent before the final battle against Baran-Dur.


Pilot: Cavin Damarion

Type: Assault

Number: 14

Color: grey

Glow: Red