Combatuid Evolution is the name given to the transformation sequence of mechanical beings created by The Dome. All combatuids are in fact created by one single Orb which lasted for millions of years, created by magic and technology in the glorious days of Nestorage.

First Phase: Called Combatuids, the mechanical suits are land based bipedal battle machines reflecting its pilots actions through nerval bridged links. Unable to fly

Second Phase: Called Eidolons, they are still controlled to nerval links but are able to fly and all of their movement and combat abilities as well as powers are doubled.

Third Phase: Called Avatars, these are no more mechanical beings. They are a formation of though of their pilots and are reflection of pure soul and vibration, acting like a new bod.

Fourth Phase: When a pilot and an Eidolon reaches the Avatar phase, instead of merging body and soul, the pilot gifts a piece of his/her own consciousness into the mech. Instead of becoming an Avatar, the being becomes a Warden.