Combatuids are colossal sized mechanical exoskeletonic, neurotically controlled battle suits developed by the The Dome. Each combatuid is built through the neurotic flowstream of its supposed pilot, reflecting the pilot's abilities, skills as well as weaknesses. Combatuids can develop flight if the pilot manages to break the wall of insight, a mental barrier. Each combatuid is controlled by a sphere shaped pilotal pod located within the chest. Once the pilot syncs with the combatuid the spherical pod creates a gratival bend, therefore the pilot remains in a completely different antaverse dimension during the drive. Each combatuid has the ability to summon its pilot's weapon in a grander scale. All combatuids are created artificially and are located within The Dome. Each combatuid can be locked by the central reader system and can only be unlocked if the pilot can break the wall of insight for once. Combatuids have large shoulderpads with crescent shaped modifiers. The shoulderpads are the source of strength and endurance, they can transform for the installation of additional utilizers such as chainguns etc.

The combatuids are the elite weaponry of The Dome under the Vanguard's special force Operation Assembly.

Each combatuid is moderated into 3 different classes after the spec and pilot's abilities in numbers are calculated. Assault Spec combatuids are the fastest and posess the most talented pilots in any combat as well as mental endurance. Combat Spec combatuids are close combatants who are not fast enough but can fit in any combat or emergency situation easily. Support Spec combatuids posess the slowest of speed though have the greatest endurance.


Assault SpecEdit

Combat SpecEdit

Support SpecEdit

Destruction/Decommision by OrderEdit

  1. Lodos - Damaged by Ardonin and Baran-Dur, detonated by The Dome in order to kill Xelath.
  2. Clovis - Destroyed by Baran-Dur
  3. Jorus - Transgated during "The Black Hole" operation.
  4. Dragunov - Transgated during the Destruction of The Abomination.
  5. Tupolev - Transgated during the Destruction of The Abomination.
  6. Stratus - Destroyed by Baran-Dur.
  7. Nimrod - Destroyed by Antonov.
  8. Dinand - Destroyed by the Korvonok.
  9. Visaus - Detonated by The Dome during The Firefall.
  10. Lexion - Unknown
  11. Rhodin - Destroyed by Joland.
  12. Joland - Destroyed by Gatling.
  13. Gatling - Self Detonated.
  14. Durand - Unknown
  15. Dimholt - Destroyed by Spirit Thunder and Dream Serpent.
  16. Dracos - Destroyed by the Korvonok.
  17. Antonov - Destroyed by Aventador.
  18. Conrad - Unknown
  19. Magnus - Unknown
  20. Aventador, Galand, Reventon remain.