Andienna Stoić is Rakane Sentinel hailing from The Tundra Plains. Posing a stunning beauty and prettiness, she quickly becomes popular within The Dome's male inhabitants. She has a long straight fiery red hair and spring green eyes with a constant shining smile in her face.

Despite the people's hate towards eachother, Andienna quickly befriends Nïsändra Tùvalen within the ranks of Vanguard. It is clear that they have seen each other lands for once and know what difficulties they could had faced in the harsh climate of the northwest Verdalens. Back in the Tundra Plains, Andienna used to be a hunter-gatherer as the land was no good for agriculture. Due to the culture she was all alone since her childhood, growing up all by herself. She loves her people but dislikes their behaviour, that's why she moved to Khyras to work as a handmaiden but also train herself in the area of art and combat. She is a very quick learner. Swimming is her greatest sport and hobby because of her agile body and high spirit.

It is unclear how she decided to join the Vanguard nor how she learned to master the Rakane. It is a mystery that she can't remember it either. She controls a combatuid named Tupolev, which was paired with Nisandra's Dragunov. During Operation Jerisa, they remained at the Riftsdeep as an auxiliary backup force. Right before a battle her combatuid was taken airborne by Aventador while Dragunov remained on ground. Andienna felt a huge guilt for leaving her friend in such a dire situation and always felt sorry even though Nisandra gained flight and never got pissed of her. Andienna then promised never to back down Nisandra ever again.

During the Colossal Abomination event, Nisandra was the first one to attack the creature as she managed to activate Dragunov from within. As The Dome gained energy, Andienna launched herself right on top of the creature to aid Dragunov. The two made a majestic battle and Andienna finally produced wings as Tupolev locked the Abomination down on the ground, creating space for Dragunov to make the finishing move.


Andienna's motivation remains a mystery as she doesn't remember why she joined the Vanguard at first place either, even though she expressed her happines to be there many times. At the end of the story it is told by Celleris that he in fact hypnotized her after asking her if she wanted to join to save the world. She actually rejected the idea pointing out her own effort to remain alive and strong despite her age and her belief that everybody should act the same and not to be reliant on anybody else. Then Celleris told her that she possesses a gift and that is why he came to her, which was Rakane mastery. Upon learning this, Andienna summoned her sword but simply got sucked into the instant madness the lack of control over Rakane caused. Celleris then hypnotized her never to return her memories of this event since it would take over her mental health for once and forever.